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Scientifically Designed Fuel Additive Improves Fuel Efficiency and Performance and Lowers Emissions

Motor WhiskeyMotor Whiskey is now available to the public, as the fuel additive of choice with a specially designed formula developed for everyday motoring, to achieve increased fuel efficiency, more power and a quieter engine. Motor Whiskey is a fuel thermalizer that utilizes Hydrocarbon Replacement Technology (HRT).

Product testing has demonstrated 20+ percent improvements in fuel efficiency and engine performance and a 20 to 50 percent reduction in maintenance costs and vehicle emissions.

Recent tests were conducted on a 2015 BMW M3 Coupe using ethanol premium gas. The results show a significant reduction in hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide emissions, and an increase in oxygen emissions.

Motor Whiskey cleans injectors & intake valves, provides greater acceleration and engine performance, and removes water and foreign matter from fuel lines.

Motor Whiskey contains no alcohol or synthetic resins. The proprietary formula contains aromatics that have been removed during gas production during the hydro-cracking process. These include: non recycled HE chemicals, including MEK, Toluene, Xylene, Naphtha, Acetone, Various Hexanes, MMO and proprietary aromatics.

Motor Whiskey acts as a fuel stabilizer, fuel enhancer, octane booster and fuel system cleaner.  In fact it is the only FuelThermalizer available to the public.

Motor Whiskey works for all seasons and all climates. It is designed with the intention of cold weather driving or riding and creates fast starts in all environments, with optimized performance, no matter what the weather conditions are. Motor Whiskey has been tested in over 1 million gallons of fuel with significant improvements in every application.

Motor Whiskey comes in two sizes 6.7 ounce (200 ml) $13.00 per bottle or a 2.0 ounce (60 ml) for $5.00 per bottle. Quantity subscription discounts available.

Motor Whiskey is available in four treatments:

  • Original Formula (for most cars and vehicles)
  • Wet & Dirty (for marine engines)
  • Racing Formula (for high performance engines)
  • Diesel Formula (for diesel engines and fleets)


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