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Mad Mike returns to Formula Drift with RADBUL Gen2

madmikeilabbfamily original Mad Mike Whiddet previewed his brand new Gen2 RADBUL Mazda MX-5 Miata ahead of the 2016 Formula Drift series which kicked off in Long Beach, California last weekend on the 8th and 9th of April.

The ssecond generation RADBUL rocks ND body panels rather than the older NC panels which Mike custom fit himself, style is not going to be an issue for Mad Mike this season. RADBUL Gen2 is powered by Mike’s signature four-rotor Wankel engine, with that distinctive growl synonymous with the Formula Drift pitlane.

Long Beach course is one of two events that brings drfiting onto a street-circuit. With a quick entry and tight corners, there’s minimal room for mistakes if drivers wanted to keep their bumpers.

The weekend started with a disappointing first day after rain consistently fell until midday on Friday. Practise that was meant to start at 9 didn’t get underway until 12.45 and was cut short after 7 consecutive drivers hit the wall. Qualifying which was scheduled for 1pm was cancelled ouright and the order of competition was determined from 2015 standings.

madmikeMike was placed in the middle of the pack in 17th position out of 32. He first battled 16th seed Pat Mordaunt and came away with a win to proceed to the top 16. Mike then faced the current FD champ Fredric Aasbø which was always going to be a tough fight. It was a close run described as best of the day so far by Formula Drift. After putting it all on the track, it wasn’t quite enough for Mike to knock off the top seed.

A tough start to the season, Mad Mike is understandably dissapointed but is ready to smash the field in May at Atlanta. With the start of the Formula Drift series under way, the world is itching to see what more Mike can do in his new RADBUL and with his dedicated team.

ilabb and Mad Mike have also been working on some new collaboration gears to be released soon this year. In the meantime keep it locked for all the RADBUL action at the most exciting drift events of the season!


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