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How to Rent a Car in Canada and Avoid Extra Payments

Rental Car LotsOf course none of us believe the shiny commercials where renting a car is depicted as walking through a row of brand new vehicles, choosing one then driving off, but there are several steps you can take to reduce the headache and extra drain on your wallet. Here are 5 golden rules for making renting a car as satisfactory and convenient an experience as possible.

1. Pre-book when renting a car
If you expect to show up at the airport without a pre-booked rental and get a good deal on your car, think again. This is especially true during busy times like weekends and holidays.

2. Check insurance overlaps
Amid the extraordinary minutiae involved in car-rental insurance, it’s important to note that some drivers will already be covered by their own auto or household insurance for many of the insurance packages a rental company will try to get you to pay for. The simple solution is to check with your own insurance company before setting foot in the car rental office. This can often mean saving between $7 and $12 a day on renting a car.

3. Cameras aren’t just for vacation snaps
A good rule of thumb — and particularly if using a smaller, off-brand car rental agency — is to take pictures of the vehicle before you drive off the lot. Even the smallest imperfection should be documented. Snap photos of everything and review them on your digital camera to make sure you can clearly see the pre- existing damage. This can help diffuse a fraudulent claim of damage — or an honest mistake — by the rental car company.

4. Don’t buy gas from the rental company
Gas prices are high enough. But many car rental places fill up a car with gas before a consumer drives away on the proviso that a driver will return the vehicle with a full tank, or the company will fill the tank and bill the driver later. This is where consumers can get fleeced on gas markups often approaching 100 percent. Make sure to leave yourself enough time to fill up before returning the vehicle. And beware as well, of those gas stations near the airport that up their prices to take advantage of car rental customers desperate to make their flights.

5. Get the facts on hidden fees or charges
Make sure before driving off the lot that all charges are accounted for. Ask at the counter that all potential charges be detailed up front. Most companies carry an incremental charge for picking up your car in one location and dropping it in another, generally between $35 and $50. Note that many rental companies offer free mileage as part of a rental package but, again, check this before leaving the counter to avoid additional per-mile charges that can reach 40 cents or more.

About author: Sona works at as a promoter, she is passionate about cars specially the Mustang Eleanor! She also reviews cars and writes about car rental companies. If you want to know what’s the right car for you to rent just ask Sona.


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