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How to Get Cheap Car Rental in Canada

Car RentalSince you’ve managed to stealthy book cheap airfare for a wonderful trip, you’re even more adamant no to end up overpaying for an expensive rental car. Fortunately, there are some easy ways you can secure a cheap rental car deal, the first being that pre-paying is always a good way to get a discount. Here are a few other quick steps to take to get the best price you can:

Step 1
Contact any association of which you might be a member to inquire about car rental discounts. Examples of such associations include the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) and Costco. Also, be sure to check with your employer for potential preferred company rental rates. If your employing company has a human resources department, that’s usually the best place to ask about possible discounts.

Step 2
Take some time to research and compare prices. In fact, go directly to car rental company websites like or and check prices on major travel booking sites such as and While you will probably find a special unadvertised deal on the car rental company website, you will most likely find the cheaper price on one of the travel booking websites. Plus, don’t confine yourself to just airport locations. In fact, you most often will find cheaper deals at rental locations away from the airport. Factor in any cab costs that may be involved to get to that other location before making a decision on the overall price.

Step 3
Adapt your car rental needs to the cheapest available car type. Typically, a compact car is the cheapest. However, depending on the discounts available, you may have the option to rent a full- size car. They key is: stay flexible.

Step 4 is a nifty tools is you are willing to rent from any care rental company. The site generally offers significant discounts on car rentals. However, not that Hotwire does not reveal the rental company until you have paid for the reservation. When booking via Hotwire you are also required to prepay the full rental cost up front and it is non-refundable.

Step 5 is a websites which allows you to bid for a cheaper rate. Priceline lest you offer the price you want to pay in hopes that a rental car company accepts it. The catch, of course, is that you do not know which rental car company you are going to get until the bid is accepted, much like with Once the bid is accepted you are immediately charged for the full price of the rental and again you cannot make any changes to your rental reservation and it’s non-refundable. To be a little more save before making these bets you can try or

About author: Sona works at as a promoter, she is passionate about cars specially the Mustang Eleanor! She also reviews cars and writes about car rental companies. If you want to know what’s the right car for you to rent just ask Sona.


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