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Roush Yates by JMS® PedalMAX® Improves Throttle Response

Roush Yates Pedal MaxRoush Yates and JMS have partnered to offer a brand new product: “Roush Yates by JMS PedalMAX” for all 2011-2015 FORD Vehicles. The all new PedalMAX system works with EcoBoost, turbo diesel and gasoline engines regardless of engine size. The best part is PedalMAX is transferable from cars to trucks, it’s a one size fits all for FORD vehicles.

The digital microprocessor controlled system is a complete solution to reduce lack of throttle response while increasing acceleration, making your modern drive-by-wire vehicle easier to drive. Installing PedalMAX in your car or truck will improve acceleration and responsiveness. Typically, there is throttle delay when going from a complete stop to moving especially with manual transmission cars. PedalMAX has been engineered to take the delay out of modern drive-by-wire manual and automatic transmissions giving the driver more throttle response and sensitivity.

It utilizes a warranty friendly design so it will not void your factory OEM (Original Equpiment Manufacturer) warranty. With the Plug & Play design there is no ECU (Engine Control Unit) calibration changes or flashing required which eliminates any potential for factory related warranty issues.

Installation is simple and easy with the Plug & Play design. You simply unplug the factory connector from the accelerator pedal and connect the Plug & Play PedalMAX® in line with the provided connector harness. There is no cutting or splicing of wires necessary, you just match up the male and female ends on PedalMAX to your factory connectors and plug in.

You can also control throttle sensitivity with an optional control knob sold separately. Simply adjust the knob to your desired level and away you go. The system can even be adjusted on the fly for immediate changes in sensitivity and perfomance. The kit also includes a red de-sensitizing plug to slightly reduce the increase in throttle sensitivity so the user can fine tune the device for their needs and driving conditions.

You can enhance PedalMAX with the all new BoostMAX® and give your EcoBoost even more performance by increasing overall horsepower and torque. The combination will increase the overall drivability of your vehicle and you can tune your system for more reponse and power.



Press Release Supplied By: Roush Yates

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