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Roush Yates by JMS BoostMAX for FORD EcoBoost Vehicles

Roush YatesRoush Yates and JMS have partnered to offer a brand new product line: “Roush Yates by JMS BoostMAX” for FORD EcoBoost vehicles. It’s the newest product by Roush Yates as the historic company expands into the street performance market.

The digital microprocessor controlled device has been engineered to work specifically with the FORD EcoBoost range of engines (3.5L, 2.7L, 2.3L, 2.0L and 1.6L). The Plug & Play digital product is designed to work in sync with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) sensors that control fuel, spark and timing within the factory powertrain control system. This technology provides a significant improvement in overall performance with a considerable increase in horsepower and torque.

Installation is simple and easy with the innovative Plug & Play design. All you do is connect the unit via the EcoBoost engine specific wire harness. There is no cutting or splicing necessary. It connects to the factory MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure), TIP (Throttle Inlet Pressure) and accelerator pedal position sensors using OEM connectors to allow on-demand increases in low-end, mid-range and top-end horsepower and torque.

The device requires no aftermarket OBD-II tuning or reprogramming and relies on the factory controlled system for a seamless product integration. The system works with OE knock sensors and O2 sensors to create up to 20 percent additional airflow and boost. The MAP, TIP and accelerator sensors are easily located under the hood and in the cabin providing a simple installation process that takes about an hour to complete.

BoostMAX comes with a Boost Knob that allows the user to adjust their power level on the fly. The Boost Knob offers a range of adjustment from 0 to 100 percent so the driver can control how much boost increase the vehicle receives.

Long-term testing on standard consumer vehicles has also shown an improvement of up to 5% in fuel economy with the device set at a medium range. With the Boost Knob increased to maximum levels, a 15-20 percent horsepower and torque gain was noted on the chassis dyno.

The Plug & Play design of BoostMAX also offers a warranty friendly theme that leaves no foot-print within the factory engine control system. There are no ECU (Engine Control Unit) calibration changes or flashing required eliminating any factory warranty related issues.  With its reasonable price point, EcoBoost owners can upgrade their vehicle to get an impressive complete system that seamlessly integrates into the vehicle.

You can enhance BoostMAX with the all new PedalMAX® and give your EcoBoost better throttle response by decreasing turbo lag. The combination will increase the overall drivability of your vehicle along with the increase in horsepower and torque.



Press Release Supplied By: Roush Yates

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