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Pro-Tools Hydraulic Tubing Bender Deluxe Kit -At Trick-Tools

Hydraulic BenderThis hydraulic bender kit combines the ever-popular MB-105HD/TT tubing bender with a hydraulic upgrade of your choice along with a rolling stand. This kit is perfect for those that don’t wish to permanently take up shop space by bolting down a manual bender, but are still looking for an economical solution that produces fantastic results.

With 2 inch x .188 wall bending capacity, the Pro-Tools Model 105HD bender is a great choice for building rock-crawlers, buggies, motorcycle frames, hand rails, and many other projects. Other features include steel bushings at the main die pivot to reduce friction and ease die change-out. A Degree Plate is included. An optional stop kit that allows for repeatable bends is also available. For more information about the Pro-Tools MB-105HD Hydraulic Tubing Bender Deluxe Kit , visit our website, or give us a call at 877-826-7268.



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