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O.CT Tuning refines Seat Leon Cupra in performance and appearance

O.CTWho does not dream of impressing others with one’s own wheels. In everyday life though, more often than not budget and practical considerations decide on car purchases. O.CT Tuning proves that you can have it all with the Seat Leon Cupra – the compact Spaniard was refined in order to show its teeth to other PS strong competitors, both in performance as well as in optics. For maximum bite, it can be upgraded at different levels with tuning packages.

With the Seat Leon Cupra, O.CT Tuning intends to create, as quoted, “a perfect standard car with potential” to show what can actually be achieved with the right tuning. In Cupra’s case, it is the unbeatable 420 HP engine on a Bilstein Cup chassis and 19″ aluminum lightweight rims. In addition to all the performance improvements with perfectly tuned technical components for pure driving pleasure, safety is always a priority for O.CT Tuning – 370 mm upgraded brake discs, lightweight rims, and matching tires ensure that the fast Seat does not only shine with its acceleration, it also safely comes to a standstill after a 307 km/h top speed (GPRS measured).

The icing on the Cupra, which is technically prepared to hold a candle to a sports car and leaves most roadsters in its slipstream, is its appearance, which lives up to its promises: The special foil design makes it hard to miss. The interior real carbon applications are an eye-catcher. The fine material that is used for the Formula 1 provides the Seat with its intended sporty touch. Use of materials and optics is consistent even to the engine compartment.

About O.CT Oberscheider Tuning GmbH 
Oberscheider has specialized in the tuning of vehicles for over 20 years. The company, with its headquarters in Austria and a main office in Switzerland, uses a high-tech all-wheel test bench, emulation tools, and data processing for the development of performance optimizations. The option to program ECUs through the diagnostic OBD-II interface became available with the use of the self-developed tuning instrument IPRO (Intelligent PROgramming) for the very first time worldwide.



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