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New Docol electrogalvanized martensitic grade for the automotive industry

ssabWith the new Docol 1500 MZE, SSAB offers automakers worldwide a new electrogalvanized high-strength structural steel for cars. Docol 1500 MZE ultra-high strength steel helps improve environmental performance by lowering the weight of the vehicle. The new grade is appropriate for a range of applications in need of corrosion protection, energy absorption and low weight.

By stretching the limits for Docol electrogalvanized martensitic steel, SSAB creates new opportunities in the automotive sector.

“For many years now, our Docol series of martensitic grades have been contributing to low weight and sustainability without compromising performance,” says Arnaud Guerendel, global director for the automotive segment at SSAB. “As knowledge and awareness are spread, more designers see the possibilities of using our material. We have continual requests by different companies for our strongest and highest strength steels.”

Docol 1500 MZE is a cold-rolled, electrogalvanized advanced high-strength steel developed for applications in cars with stringent requirements for low weight and high energy absorption. The steel is well suited for roll forming. The minimum tensile strength is 1500 N/mm² and the high strength is achieved in the manufacturing process, which uses a special heat treatment together with an extremely high cooling rate.

One typical application for Docol 1500 MZE is sill reinforcements.

“When we develop new steel grades, we always have our customers’ business in focus whether we’re developing new products or adjusting the properties of our steel grades to fit specific applications,” says José Puente, global product manager for the automotive segment at SSAB. “This is the strong driving force behind our continuous research and development efforts.”

“We are taking a new step in the development of advanced high-strength steels with a focus on the automotive industry,” continues Puente. “Manufacturers are calling for lightweight, strong materials with good environmental properties and that can also be manufactured at reasonable costs. Docol 1500 MZE is one such material that is opening up new opportunities for car manufacturers.”

SSAB is committed to contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world. One prioritized focus area is lowering the weight of cars. In the coming year, SSAB will launch several new steel grades tailor made for the automotive industry.


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