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K&N Washable Cabin Air Filter Allows You to Breathe Easy in Your American Luxury Car

knfJust like your house, many modern luxury cars have a filtered HVAC system. You wouldn’t want to inhale pollen, dust, dirt, or any other contaminants while you’re sitting in your living room. So to control the quality of air that you breathe as you’re going down the road, many automakers fit their cars with a special cabin air filter. It’s designed to clean dirt and allergens from the air before it comes through the ventilation system. But many people forget to change this cabin air filter, and some people aren’t even aware that their car has one. This means that you could be breathing air that’s had to pass through layers of accumulated gunk, which can be worse than not having a cabin air filter at all.

Designed specifically to restore the air quality in full size GM sedans (2000-2005 Buick LeSabre, 2006-2011 Buick Lucerne, 2000-2005 Cadillac DeVille, 2006-2011 Cadillac DTS, 2000-2005 Pontiac Bonneville, and 2000-2003 Oldsmobile Aurora), the K&N VF3001 Cabin Air Filter benefits from many of the innovations found in K&N performance air filters. It uses a special synthetic filter media that has been electrostatically charged to trap and hold dirt, dust, and other airborne contaminants. The treated synthetic fibers can remove even microscopic contaminants, while allowing more air to flow through the cabin air filter. This improves the efficiency of your car’s HVAC system, which can reduce engine strain.

Besides helping your air conditioner and engine to operate more efficiently, the K&N VF3001Cabin Air Filter helps you to breathe better too. The fiber matrix in the synthetic air filter material helps trap the following airborne allergens:

  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Fungus
  • Bacteria
  • Germs
  • Spores
  • Pollen

Unlike traditional disposable factory replacement cabin air filters, the synthetic K&N VF3001Cabin Air Filter can be cleaned and reused. Every 12-months/12,000 miles, simply open the hood to remove it, then clean it with the K&N Cabin Air Filter Refresh Kit. This not only saves you money, but also allows you to quickly freshen the cabin during allergy season as often as you would like. Plus, every K&N Cabin Air Filter is backed by the K&N 10-Year/Million Mile Warranty.

If you’d like to discover other ways that K&N can improve the performance of your Buick LeSabre, Buick Lucerne, Cadillac DeVille, Cadillac DTS, Pontiac Bonneville, or Oldsmobile Aurora, you can use the Search by Vehicle Tool, or find a K&N dealer near you with the K&N Dealer Search.

Features & Benefits of the K&N VF3001 Cabin Air Filter

  • Engineered for the Buick LeSabre / Buick Lucerne / Cadillac DeVille / Cadillac DTS / Pontiac Bonneville / Oldsmobile Aurora
  • Restores cabin air quality
  • Removes significantly more allergens & contaminants than a stock cabin air filter
  • Synthetic fibers prevent mold, mildew, fungus, spores, bacteria, germs, pollen and other allergens from cycling back through the cabin
  • Improves efficiency of the HVAC system
  • Washable K&N cabin air filter can go up to 12-months/12,000 miles before cleaning is required (depending on driving conditions)
  • Replaces paper OEM cabin air filter
  • Installation takes less than 5 minutes
  • Backed by K&N 10-Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty



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