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Cardlock Company Unveils New Driver Amenities

Quick FuelQuick Fuel, a pioneer in the automated fueling industry, has introduced its latest fueling innovation at its station in Memphis, Tenn.:  An automatic C-Store unit and secure self-cleaning automatic restroom.

“Most cardlock companies just look at fuel,” said Josh Tippin, Quick Fuel’s Director of Cardlocks.  “We also wanted to focus on other services drivers need, to enhance their experience at Quick Fuel.”

The newly upgraded station, located in Memphis at 4589 Old Lamar Ave., will be unveiled on Wednesday, December 9th at a Grand Reopening event from 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

The Memphis station now features an automatic C-Store stocked with refreshments and other driver necessities.  It is re-stocked daily with items that drivers have requested while on a route.  The new C-Store unit is designed to be quick and easy, just like the fueling experience at Quick Fuel.

The automatic self-cleaning restroom is the first of its kind ever installed in the U.S. at a fuel station.  The unit is accessible only to those who fuel at Quick Fuel.   After fueling, a code prints on the fuel receipt.  To enter the restroom, a driver must enter the code on the restroom’s keypad.  Cleanliness and security are top priorities at all Quick Fuel stations, and that extends to the restroom.  The state-of-the-art unit is cleaned automatically after each use, literally from top to bottom.

“When a customer just needs fuel and a quick snack to take with them, we want to give them a fast, easy option,” said Tippin.  In the past, drivers could fuel quickly, but then had to take time to find a somewhere to pick up a snack.  That cost drivers and managers time and money as they would hop-scotch around their routes.  Now they can accomplish it all in one quick visit to a Quick Fuel site.

Quick Fuel started in the cardlock business in the 1980s, building some of the first standalone automated fueling stations in the country.  It was also the first to accept all third party cards, the first to offer RFID Advanced Fueling and is now first to offer over-the-road big box driver amenities.

The company has an expanded network of 53 sites throughout Midwestern and Southern states, offering quality diesel, gasoline and DEF.

QuickNet®, Quick Fuel’s online customer portal, allows customers to add, change or shut off fuel cards, check pricing, and run a variety of fueling reports.

A free Quick Fuel app allows drivers to search for the nearest station, check their pricing and more.

The company recently upgraded its cardlock technology using new cardreaders with sophisticated controls and enhanced reliability.  Other ground breaking technology will be introduced early in 2016.

The self-cleaning restroom was built by Sagelec, Quebec, Canada (  The automatic convenience store was from Shop24.  The marquee price sign was from Skyline Products (

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Josh Tippin, Quick Fuel Director of Cardlocks, at 704-400-0583 or email  Photos available upon request.


Press Release Supplied By: Jacobus Energy, Inc.

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Photo Credit To: Quick Fuel Logo



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